I am a Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology tutor. I am currently in my Intercalated year (4th year) of Medicine at the University of Glasgow, after completing my International Baccalaureate at the Vienna International School in 2019. At school, I studied Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, English, and German. 


International Baccalaureate – Vienna International School (2019)

MBChB Glasgow University (2019-2025)

BSc (Hons) Anatomy Glasgow University (2022-2023)

Tutoring Experience

I have been working as a tutor throughout my high school and University career, and have previously tutored Mathematics, Biology, and Economics. In addition, I work as a tutor for prospective medical students in preparing them for interviews. Tutoring is something I enjoy, and find very rewarding as each student has very different needs, preferences, and ways to approach learning. My previous tutoring experience has taught me how to explain complicated topics and break them into manageable and understandable chunks, as well as work with students on a highly individualized basis to explore what learning styles work best for them.

SQA National 4 - Mathematics, Chemistry & Biology

SQA National 5 -Mathematics, Applications of Mathematics, Chemistry & Biology

SQA Higher - Chemistry & Biology

Tutoring Approach

When working with students, I find it very helpful to gain an understanding of the student’s current understanding of a topic, and how best to tailor each session to suit their individual learning styles and goals. It is also helpful if students are able to highlight specific areas of difficulty across the curriculum so that these areas can be explained in greater depth. Lessons will be planned prior to each session, allowing me to prepare materials to best suit the student’s needs. I will also make sure to reiterate clear learning objectives at the start of each session and talk through each one in a systematic way as well as end with a quick summary of the session and some important take-home points. I also strongly believe that a combination of active and passive learning will lead to effective long-term information retention, which is why I will incorporate a combination of teaching, practice questions, and student-led explanations to ensure a comprehensive understanding of each and every topic. 

I believe that learning should and can be an enjoyable experience, and is often much less daunting when it is highly structured with clear objectives. Ultimately, I plan to work closely with students to help them achieve their main goal, which is to understand these topics and pass their exams!

Jamie Harrower, Maths, Chemistry and Biology Tutor


Maths, Chemistry and Biology tutor

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