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I graduated from Heriot-Watt University with a Masters Degree (MSc) in Structural and Foundation Engineering and also hold an Honours Degree (BSc) in Mathematics from The University of Strathclyde. I am a Chartered Civil Engineer and Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

I am currently working as a Civil Engineer on major infrastructure projects and actively utilise the fundamentals of Mathematics and Engineering on a day-to-day basis within my role.


MSc – Structural and Foundation Engineering – Heriot-Watt University (2013)

BSc – Mathematics – University of Strathclyde (2009)

MICE – Chartered Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers (2019)

One to one maths tutor

Tutoring Experience

I have 3 years’ experience of Maths tutoring and from my experience of private tutoring, every student is different and requires a different approach of teaching style to ensure that they are getting the most out of each session. As an engineer, I try to ensure that the material is relatable and give examples of where it is used in real life situations. I believe that this creates more interest in certain topics and will be more likely to be remembered going forward. I think that this is of particular benefit in Mathematics.

I offer 1 to 1 sessions for 60 and 90 minutes, and also group sessions (up to 3). I cover a range of teaching techniques in my sessions such as; explaining specific sections of the course work, past paper questions and how to approach exam questions. Using these techniques ensures that the students I teach receive excellent marks in their exam.

I teach all the levels below, however, I am not limited to this and I am available to teach younger students (year 1/2).

SQA National 4 - Mathematics

SQA National 5 -Mathematics

SQA Higher - Mathematics

SQA Advanced Higher/ University Level -Maths

Tutoring Approach

My tutoring sessions will ultimately be aimed at a successful exam result; however, I believe that it is important to work through the material in a manner which allows time for the student to digest the information. Although the sessions will be structured, I firmly believe that it is important to have flexibility within these to allow the student to freely ask questions and be comfortable in doing so to ensure that the material has been grasped. This approach alongside working through all course material in a timely manner will ensure that the student is in the best possible position when sitting their exam.

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