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I’m Arbi, a Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics tutor pursuing my longstanding passion of maths and science by studying for a Masters in Chemical Engineering with Honours at the University of Edinburgh.

At sixth form, I received a fully funded academic scholarship to study at Eton college and conduct my A-levels. Here I competed in national competitions including the Senior maths challenge and Chemistry Olympiad where I achieved 2 gold awards and a bronze respectively.

I am drawn to these subjects due to many of the reasons some may dislike it; the focus on solving problems, understanding real world applications and the heavy mathematical foundation. I hope to help others discover and progress in their STEM knowledge so they also can experience the joy of understanding concepts they would have considered too arduous.



Master’s Degree (MEng) Chemical Engineering – The University of Edinburgh, 2022-2027

A Level Mathematics (A) – Eton College 2022

A Level Chemistry (A) – Eton College 2022

A Level Physics (B) – Eton College 2022

Tutoring Experience

My passion and expertise in tutoring has been cultivated and developed over the past 6 months where I have developed a sincere and genuine enthusiasm for tutoring.

Although accustomed to the GCSE and A-Level syllabus, I’ve spent time learning and practising the National 5 and higher course in order to best get to grasp with what is expected of the student in the exam hall. I have previously tutored secondary school students for sixth form entrance exams, these papers are known for their unique and tricky questions. I helped these students get into some of the most prestigious private schools in the country. Throughout this experience I developed my group tutoring skills extensively and established myself as being able to create a suitable learning environment for everyone in the room. I offer 1 to 1 sessions for 60 or 90 minutes and also group sessions (up to 3)

SQA National 4 - Mathematics, Chemistry & Physics

SQA National 5 -Mathematics, Applications of Mathematics, Chemistry & Physics

SQA Higher - Mathematics, Chemistry & Physics

Tutoring Approach

Having experienced everything my students are likely to face, I am empathetic towards the stress and worries they will inevitably undercome when being faced with a topic. A structure is the start of all success stories! All my sessions are well prepared ahead of time all the while I aim to remain relevant to the student’s needs by retaining a flexible mindset, adjusting the previously established session plan to best meet the learning milestones unearthed throughout the session. My lessons usually include many exam-styled questions because if the pupil sees a lot of different questions, then this will build up confidence with exam technique and also can see different perspectives and application questions which the exam boards use in exams.

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