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Maths, Physics and Chemistry tutor. My academic accomplishments up until now include 5 A’s at in Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry and Economics at Higher Level accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. In addition to which I achieved an A in Advanced Higher Physics At Secondary school level, I got myself involved in the UKMT mathematical challenge where I was able to achieve a Silver Award at Senior Mathematical Level. Other extra-curricular endeavours I have been involved in previously include the TechFest STEM in the Pipeline energy industry challenge; where I was a part of the winning team in the 2021-2022 edition. Participating in this challenge honed my organisation, teamwork and communication skill all of which are extremely valuable.
I am currently in the 1st year of my journey to acquiring a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering (MEng) from the University of Edinburgh.


SQA National 5 – Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry SQA Higher – Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry SQA Advanced Higher – Mathematics & Physics
Masters Degree (MEng) Mechanical Engineering, The University of Edinburgh (2022-2027)

Tutoring Experience

I have been tutoring Maths and English for the last 11⁄2 years, it is from this experience that I have concluded that each and every student will learn in a different way and my job is to cater to this.

Doing this will ensure that the student makes as much progress as possible in all aspects, from performance to appreciation and likeness for the subject. It is through this approach that I have received positive feedback on numerous occasions from student and parents

I now look too put my knowledge of Physics and Chemistry to use by offering sessions for these subjects as well. I offer 1-1 tutoring sessions for 60, 90 and 120 minutes.

SQA National 4 - Mathematics, Chemistry & Physics

SQA National 5 -Mathematics, Applications of Mathematics, Chemistry & Physics

SQA Higher - Maths, Chemistry & Physics

Tutoring Approach

I believe that a session built on student engagement is one that will deliver the highest returns in terms of success. This conclusion has come through reflection of how I have learnt best in the past and also the approach I have noticed brings about improvement in student learning. I will achieve effective student engagement by scaffolding techniques such as questioning in order to gauge the students true grasp of the topic at hand.
I also believe that building habits of independence will help students in achieving their goals so to foster this I will routinely give the student a take home activities to have a look at in their spare time between sessions.
All this being said, sessions I carry out will always be enjoyable and fun as I believe that the most effective learning is done fun environment.

Jamie Harrower, Maths, Chemistry and Biology Tutor


Maths, Physics and Chemistry tutor

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