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Our son was needing help with his…

Our son was needing help with his national 4 maths and we looked around to find a tutor for him. We choose Jamie as he was near us and looked like he had good spec of skills that we thought would help our son. Well all I can say is Jamie was brilliant. He made our son feel at ease and we could see him improving at school to the extent he got 100% in his national 4 exam and has just completed his national 5 too. I would 100% recommend jamie to anyone looking for a maths tutor. 5 stars.

Maths tuition

My daughter started maths tuition with Jamie a few months ago and we are so happy to have found him! Jamie is an excellent tutor, kind, patient and very organised. He has already improved her confidence and she looks forward to her lessons with him. We have no hesitation in recommending Jamie.

Maths & Chemistry

Jamie helped our son in both Mathematics and Chemistry. Prior to Jamie’s involvement our son had been struggling with some of the key concepts in both areas and was struggling to keep up with new topics as a result.
Jamie was able to explain key concepts in a clear and accessible way and his help was instrumental in bringing about a substantial improvement in understanding and transformational test results.
Jamie is a pleasant, well organised, and highly impressive individual who has done a tremendous job. I would highly recommend his services.

Online Biology Tuition

Online Biology Tuition

Online Chemistry Tuition

Online Chemistry Tuition

Online Maths Tuition

Online Mathematics Tuition

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Need to find a tutor in Chemistry? Online Math tutor? Or Biology tutor?

We provide Chemistry, Biology and Maths tuition in Stirling and surrounding areas at National 3, 4 & 5, Higher and Advanced Higher, following the new Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

We are specifically running online tuition groups sessions in the following:

SQA Higher Maths Online Tutoring

SQA Higher Chemistry Online Tutoring

SQA Higher Biology Online Tutoring

SQA National 5 Maths Online Tutoring

SQA National 5 Chemistry Online Tutoring

SQA National 5 Biology Online Tutoring

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Online Tuition

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Online Courses

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Study Materials

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Group Tuition

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About Central Tutors

Central Tutors was started in 2018 by Jamie, who has been a private tutor in Chemistry, Maths and Biology following the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence for several years.  Graduating with a Masters degree in Chemistry from The University of Edinburgh, he has quickly gained recognition throughout Central Scotland and beyond as an excellent private tutor. Jamie focuses on ensuring students gain more confidence in their work and supporting them to reach their full potential.

Jamie Harrower, Private Tutor - Chemistry, Maths & Biology

What Our Students & Parents Say

[grw place_photo="" place_name="Central Tutors" place_id="ChIJ7XvtxI9jiEgRlQvpDUzMBYw" reviews_lang="en" pagination="5" text_size="120" refresh_reviews=true lazy_load_img=true reduce_avatars_size=true open_link=true nofollow_link=true]
“I have found Jamie to be very professional and well organised. Communication has been excellent. My daughter feels at ease during the sessions and Jamie explains things clearly in a way she can understand. She feels more confident in her ability to tackle the course. Jamie provides follow up notes after each session which are very helpful. I am sure she will continue to benefit from her tutoring sessions.”

PARENT, National 5 Chemistry & Higher Chemistry, 5/5

“Very friendly and capable tutor, making chemisty interesting and relevant for my daughter doing higher. Well organised and excellent use of skype screen sharing etc to explain topic during tutoring sessions. I’d have no issue recommending Jamie to others.”

PARENT, Higher Chemistry & Maths, 5/5

“I’ve just started tutoring sessions with Jamie and already I am feeling a lot more confident with the aspects of Higher Chemistry that we have covered. Jamie is really friendly and has a very clear way of explaining things.”

PARENT, Higher Chemistry, 5/5

Jamie has taken on tutoring of my son for three topics. My son has found these sessions great at developing his learning of the work covered in school. The sessions are always planned in advance to ensure the sessions and tailored to suit current issues and topics from school.”

PARENT, Higher Biology, Chemistry and Maths, 5/5

“Jamie is tutoring my son in Chemistry Highers. Whilst he has only had a few lessons so far, my son has found Jamie to be very knowledgeable and passionate about his subject area. He explains things very clearly and in a manner that my son found helpful to understand those areas he was having difficulty with. I found Jamie very friendly, approachable and efficient in his communications. We look forward to working with him over the coming months.”

PARENT, Higher Chemistry & Maths, 5/5

“Jamie is an excellent tutor. He is very dedicated and enthusiastic and has excellent social skills which ensure that key concepts are communicated effectively. I would recommend Jamie extremely highly.”

PARENT, Higher Chemistry and Maths, 5/5

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Central Tutors will be developing online courses in Biology, Chemistry and Maths
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Online Courses

Central Tutors will be developing online courses in Biology, Chemistry and Maths for students following the SQA education system. There will also be mini-courses available which are designed to focus on specific topics.

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