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I am Moyin, a Physics and Mathematics tutor. I am studying for a Masters in Electronics and Electrical Engineering with Honours at the University of Edinburgh. I have been tutoring with Central Tutors for 6 months now as a Maths and Physics tutor. 

I have a deep appreciation for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry having had the pleasure of being exposed to interesting and challenging material. Having rapidly deepened my appreciation in recent years, it is with much anticipation that I wish to share my understanding and my love for arguably the fundamental subjects that can be taught. Over the gruelling years I’ve been committed to studying these disciplines I have developed a proficiency in understanding the subjects in turn furthering my ability to teach them.


MEng (Hons.) Electronics and Electrical Engineering – The University of Edinburgh, (2022-2027)

A Level Mathematics (A*) – Eton College (2022) 

A Level Further Mathematics (A) – Eton College (2022)

A Level Physics (A) – Eton College (2022)

A Level Chemistry (B) – Eton College (2022) 

SQA National 4 - Maths, Physics and Chemistry

SQA National 5 - Maths, Physics and Chemistry

SQA Higher - Maths, Physics and Chemistry

Tutoring Experience

I have worked with secondary school students in their preparation for the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge, a Maths paper known for its unorthodox and mind boggling questions. I have also managed to teach my sister the majority of the IGCSE mathematics course. While I’m very familiar with both the IGCSE and A-Level Maths papers, in preparation to tutor for National 5 and Higher I have studied the topics and structure of past papers and have become very familiar with these papers as a result. With many of the questions being identical to questions I’ve helped other students understand I feel more than confident in my abilities to help other students thrive and expand their STEM knowledge.

Tutoring Approach

I believe that building an understanding of difficult topics is imperative to see any worthwhile changes in a learning environment. Not only does understanding a topic increase the likelihood of developing an affinity for the subject but it also equips students with the ability to tackle unfamiliar questions. I also recognise that preparation for exams takes a different form, with an emphasis on repetition of answering past papers and analysing past paper solutions. By incorporating both of these approaches I believe significant improvements are made.

Jamie Harrower, Maths, Chemistry and Biology Tutor


Maths, Physics and Chemistry tutor

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