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I recently graduated with first-class honours from The University of Glasgow, earning a Master of Arts (MA Hons) in English Literature. Currently, I work as a freelance writer and have had my work published in METAL Magazine, GUM (Glasgow University Magazine), and several self-published pamphlets. Soon, I will begin pursuing a Creative Writing Masters (MLitt) at The University of Glasgow, where I am excited to continue growing my creative and critical skills.


Undergraduate Degree (MA Hons) English Literature, The University of Glasgow 2017 – 2022

Highschool Education, Galashiels Academy 2011 – 2017

Higher Results: A, A, A, B, B, B, B

Advance Higher Results: A, B

Tutoring Experience

I am excited to continue my tutoring journey and work to inspire students with greater confidence, knowledge, and enjoyment of their English study. Drawing on my own experiences with high school exams and university degree, I offer guidance on written work, spoken presentations, past paper practice, and more. I am also available to provide feedback on creative writing coursework or portfolios for university applications.

Throughout my own studies, I have developed techniques that support essay writing, RUAE, and creative writing skills, which are essential for success in SQA English. As a warm and patient person, I am excited to help students gain greater confidence. I offer one-to-one sessions for 60 minutes and an initial free 15-minute consultation with parents. I teach English at all levels below, which follow the Curriculum for Excellence – Scottish Qualifications Authority.

SQA National 4 - English

SQA National 5 - English

SQA Higher - English

SQA Advanced Higher/ University Level -English

Tutoring Approach

My lessons are carefully planned based on each student’s needs and interests, focusing on the areas where they need the most assistance and gradually building the skills for success in exams. I will work to understand each student’s learning style, such as audio or visual learning, and incorporate this into lessons to provide the best learning format possible.

 Lessons will include a range of activities, such as annotating set texts, identifying useful quotations, analysing key themes, practicing essay structure techniques, and more. I will help break down how each section of the English exam paper works and provide techniques to answer questions effectively. At the end of each lesson, I will provide a clear recap of the main ideas and concepts we have discussed for easy revision and reference. I believe in creating a safe and inclusive environment for all my students, providing space for them to enjoy learning.

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