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I am Shayne, a Chemistry and Biology tutor. I am studying for a Bachelor of Science (with Honours) in Pharmacology at The University of Edinburgh. Subsequently, I am also an active Member of the British Pharmacological Society. I have an enthusiasm for Chemistry and Biology and have worked hard to turn my passion and love into a future in science and its fascinating and thought-provoking intricacies.
Through the progression of my studies, I have built a strong ability to be a helping hand. My experience in communicating and interacting with people from an array of ages, backgrounds and social settings furthers my ability to strike connections, making people feel at ease and consequentially promote success.


Bsc (Hons.) in Pharmacology – The University of Edinburgh, (2022 – 2026)

SQA Higher Biology (A) – Inverurie Academy, (2022)
SQA Higher Chemistry (A) – Inverurie Academy, (2022)
SQA National 5 Biology (A) – Inverurie Academy, (2021)
SQA National 5 Chemistry (A) – Inverurie Academy, (2021)

Tutoring Experience

I have previously worked with secondary students from a range of diverse ages and knowledge of Biology and Chemistry, offering support during their in-class lessons, and coordinated, delivered and created lessons myself. Through this experience with a ride variety of people I am well-established in being able to present a tutoring style to make sure my students get the most through my tutoring. With the use of past-papers, explanation of elements of the course content, interactive quizzes and work on how to approach different exam questions, I can increase their success for the exam. I offer 1 to 1 sessions for 45, 60 or 90 minutes, and also group sessions (up to 3).
I am very well experienced with the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) and their papers who follow the Curriculum for Excellence. I teach Biology & Chemistry at Higher and National 5/4 level. I also have experience in teaching younger years (S1/S2).

SQA National 4 - Chemistry & Biology

SQA National 5 - Chemistry & Biology

SQA Higher - Chemistry & Biology

Tutoring Approach

I believe that building confidence, regular practice of past-papers and being interactive with students is a key part in the path to success at the end of the academic year. Preventing information overload by having one or two learning intentions at the start of the lesson and creating interactive lessons helps make learning more interesting, manageable and thus enjoyable. Through this we can create a space where the student feels more confident because they have an improved understanding in the subject due of my methods and their hard work.

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