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I am a Math, Chemistry and Biology Tutor. I’m currently in my Intercalated year of Medicine at the University of Glasgow (2019 – Present). I am doing an Intercalated BSc in Cardiovascular Medicine Studies this year and then will progress with my last 2 years of Medicine as usual. At school, I studied Chemistry, Biology, Maths, English, Geography, and Physics at both, National 5 and Higher. I further studied Chemistry, Biology and Maths at Advanced Higher Level.


Medicine – The University of Glasgow 

Tutoring Experience

I worked as a Maths Tutor at Kumon, and this has taught me invaluable skills which I shall carry on whilst working at Central Tutors. During university, I help tutor aspiring medical students by helping them with their interviews and personal statements. Both these tutoring jobs taught me how to explain complicated concepts in a simple manner as well as being organised and planning lessons beforehand so that scheduled meetings go as planned.

SQA National 4 - Mathematics, Chemistry & Biology

SQA National 5 -Mathematics, Applications of Mathematics, Chemistry & Biology

SQA Higher - Mathematics, Chemistry & Biology

SQA Advanced Higher/ University Level - Chemistry

Tutoring Approach

When tutoring individuals, I like to know where the student is at academically and how best they learn to tailor their sessions to their academic needs. I believe by doing so, it will allow me to make the sessions as enjoyable as they can be for the student. Each lesson will be carefully planned in advanced so that every session goes smoothly and to plan. When I was at school, I used effective study techniques, such as flashcards, quizzes, and question banks, to help retain information in my long-term memory. I would like to implement this same technique in my sessions by doing small 5-minute recaps on previous topics, to allow the student to passively retain important information so that revision can be very smooth sailing when it comes to exam time! At the start of each session, I want to clearly outline the learning outcomes so that the student can track their progress as well as feel confident and successful once they have achieved these outcomes. Due to what I wanted to pursue at university, grades were very important to me and hence I understand the importance of wanting to do well so I would ensure to put in the extra mile so that every student of mine achieves a good pass in their SQA exams!

Jamie Harrower, Maths, Chemistry and Biology Tutor


Maths, Chemistry and Biology tutor

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