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My name is Vincent, and I am a physics and maths tutor. I am in my 5th year of an MPhys degree at the University of Edinburgh and am currently on track for a high 1st, achieving 77% in my 4th year and receiving a certificate of merit for academic achievement in my 2nd year. I have also received the Edinburgh Award as recognition for my research internship in machine learning to segment 3D medical images with the School of Physics and Astronomy.

In my spare time, I love playing guitar and am a big fan of jazz-funk. I also love playing sports such as badminton, tennis, squash and bouldering! I’m originally from France and am fluent in French and English, recently I’ve been enjoying learning more Spanish!


Masters Degree (MPhys) Physics, The University of Edinburgh 2018 – Current (2023)

Tutoring Experience

I am currently creating an online course covering the whole of NAT5 maths for Central Tutors. This means that I know the curriculum inside out and know exactly what students need to know to succeed in their exams. I have also previously delivered lessons to children with lower maths ability requiring breaking down abstract concepts into simpler ideas to achieve learning outcomes. At a higher level, I have delivered a public lecture at university level on novel energy storage systems, so I know how to communicate scientific ideas and concepts across a whole spectrum of abilities.

As well as pedagogical skills, I also have the technical skills to develop a student’s knowledge and intuition around a subject by answering any questions they may have that go beyond the curriculum. Naturally a master’s in physics has no shortage of physics, and I am proficient across topics ranging all the way from NAT5 to Advanced Higher such as quantum mechanics, relativity, electromagnetism, Newtonian mechanics and beyond.  The language of Physics has always been mathematics, and as such I have a deep knowledge of calculus, algebra, differential equations, complex analysis, statistics and much more, also covering all topics from NAT5 to Higher.

SQA National 4 - Mathematics & Physics

SQA National 5 -Mathematics, & Physics

SQA Higher - Mathematics & Physics

SQA Advanced Higher/ University Level - Mathematics and Physics

Tutoring Approach

I believe that learning should be a two-way street and that a bespoke approach to teaching is best. Simply dictating large chunks of information in one go is all too common in large classrooms and doesn’t encourage pupils to achieve their best. Instead, tailoring a lesson according to a student’s individual needs, along with immediate and personal feedback so that the lesson evolves in a way unique to each student allows for better learning outcomes.

As everyone has experienced, learning a new skill can be daunting. Maths and physics being no exception! Breaking down complicated topics into manageable chunks can alleviate a lot of this anxiety, and quickly build up a student’s skills and confidence. Complimenting this with ample practice and feedback from exam questions, depending on the student’s needs, can help students succeed in their exams.

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