Chemistry Tutoring in Stirling, Scotland

by | Apr 23, 2021

National 5 Chemistry

At Central Tutors we offer private tutoring in Chemistry for students of all ages and abilities. We provide Chemistry tuition in Stirling and surrounding areas at National 3, 4 & 5, Higher and Advanced Higher, following the new Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. Our Chemistry tutoring not only helps you to pass your exams but also builds confidence in the real world, and develop a better understanding of the subject and how it can relate to many other things such as metals used in industrial process, why certain compounds react the way they do.

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Higher and Advanced Higher Chemistry

Chemistry at this level presents a more complex and challenging approach to understanding including mechanics, statistics, and algebraic functions. We believe that practice makes perfect – as well as supporting our Higher Maths students through each topic, we provide many practice papers and help students perfect their exam technique at a higher level.

Our Higher Maths tutors in Edinburgh are experts at examination preparation. This includes a bespoke mock examination prepared by our team.

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