How a National 5 Math Tutor helped my child pass their exams

by | Feb 8, 2022

As a parent, I know the importance of education and school experience. I also know how difficult some children find learning in a classroom environment alongside peers. Teachers are faced with growing class sizes and reduced capacity to give students the individual time they might need to grasp a particular topic. Compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic, students have been dealt a difficult hand the past 2 years.

National 5 private tuition

The principles of private tuition have not changed during this time. It provides a consistent, predictable service that focuses on the learning needs of each student. It’s now more accessible than ever with online private tutors and online group tuition. With Mathematics being a core subject in the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, a National 5 Maths tutor could be the difference in passing or getting that grade you need for entry to one of Scotland’s top universities.


Scottish higher book for tutoring.

1)   Solving specific problems – National 5 private tuition

A private math tutor enables you to address very specific areas within your course that you may be finding difficult, much quicker than you would be able to within a classroom or lecture situation. Private tutoring is much more focused on individual needs and the tutor can adapt the sessions to tailor them to support the individual. Find a tutor who can offer both tuition on course material but also exam level questions and past papers.

Many students often just require certain areas within the course to be addressed, for example, Trigonometry or Indices within the National 5 Maths course. However, other students find that there are many different areas that require attention. In this case, a plan must be put in place to ensure that all the topics are covered within the correct timeframe leading up to the exam/assessment date.

2) Increased confidence

Confidence is very important for people of all ages and abilities, as it enables you to progress much further and achieve goals that you thought were never possible. More and more students are feeling less confident within schools/universities/colleges, which is having a detrimental effect to their studies and performance in classroom settings.

Students are also not fully committed to asking questions in front of their peers, from being afraid of looking ‘stupid’ or less intelligent, but in fact, it is so important to ask questions as this is fundamentally how people develop and learn. Private tutors give students the opportunity to ask any questions they wish within a safe and open forum and therefore, are able to rapidly grow in confidence.

National 5 private tuition

3) Flexible working environment

Private tutoring allows the student and tutor to conduct the tutoring sessions in an environment that suits them both. The learning environment for a student is very important and tutors that are extremely passionate about the subject they are tutoring should provide a positive and relaxed learning environment.

Students have naturally connected with online learning as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. They have shown great resilience and have made the transition to online learning look easy! The technology now used by tutors, opens up so many doors in terms of tailoring sessions and accessibility to learning material after the session is finished. Students are able to connect with like-minded peers in group tuition from other educational establishments.


4)   Promotes responsibility and continuous feedback 

Once students start private tuition, they will see improvements very quickly and start to realise their full potential. Tutors give students the responsibility to ensure they are working towards short and long-term goals. This will help the student take complete ownership of their work, which again will help towards meeting their targets. Tutors will often set additional work for students to help consolidate the work covered within the tutoring sessions. This again, encourages responsibility from the student by ensuring that they complete the work and providing an opportunity for them to highlight any areas they were uncertain of.

Giving students constructive and continuous feedback helps them to understand the areas they are improving on and the areas that still require work and attention. Some students prefer to have continuous feedback to ensure they are progressing and working towards passing their assessment/exams.

5)   Relationships: the tutor, the child, the parent

Having a tutor takes the pressure off the parent and child relationship by removing the challenges of homework. Parents may also have limited time to support their child with their learning. Not to mention that National 5 Maths can be tricky if you’re a little out of practice!

Private tutors are matched with each child based on their needs. Finding a tutor who offers a free consultation is also a good way of may sure that they are the right fit. Once a positive working relationship is established between the tutor and child, learning becomes easy and enjoyable and that is how you see results quickly. Tuition offers a more personalised experience which makes the child more receptive to learning and guidance.

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