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by | Oct 14, 2021

Are you or your child looking for a Private National 5 Maths Tutors in Scotland? Central Tutors is a 5* rated tutoring business in Scotland, with a huge amount of happy customers. We also offer a range of other subjects for tutoring such as Chemistry and Biology. In this post we are going to go over the benefits of having a maths tutor and explain why you or your child could benefit massively from a private tutor!

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Why get a Private National 5 Maths Tutors for exams in Scotland?

The National 5 exams are particularly hard and a huge step up from previous challenges in school, so it’s important to get ahead of the game. Having a private maths tutor will give you or your child dedicated time and attention. Many students we have spoken to say that they feel the teachers at their school don’t teach in a way that suits everyone’s needs. As a result, many students don’t learn as well as they should do. With a dedicated private maths tutor for National 5, you can get tailor-made teaching methods that suit the individual rather than everyone.

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National 5 Maths tutor Stirling – Experts

We specialise in National 5 maths tutoring – knowing the trends and what to expect from maths exams. Choosing a good tutor means having access to a variety of tricks and tips that can dramatically improve your child’s score, and potentially help make the difference between missing out on a place or getting through to an interview.

Tutoring also means having access to more general pedagogical expertise. The most accomplished tutors will have thousands of hours’ experience working with pupils and helping to prepare them for exams. They’ll have their own special techniques to get the best out of their pupils, can recommend helpful books and resources – and will have a network of other education professionals that parents can turn to for advice. They will also be able to advise parents on best practices for things like homework and reading. In this regard, tutors can be as much a guide and support to parents as they are to their children.

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Making National 5 Maths more personal

As we’ve already spoken about, a massive benefit to private maths tutoring is a more personal learning experience. Tutoring is not simply a teacher sitting at a desk with a pupil and telling them what to put down onto paper – it’s a personal relationship. Why is this important?

Well, it’s important because a top tutor will be a highly educated, high-achieving, and often highly talented individual. If they’ve graduated from a top university they know what it means to work hard, so they know all about discipline, time management and having a positive attitude. Introducing your child to such an individual means providing him or her with an excellent role model, and often a friend too. As well as boosting their schoolwork or preparing them for an exam, a tutor might play football with your child, write stories with her, take him to the cinema, introduce her to film and music or teach him a new skill like coding or cooking.

There’s also the fact that in families where both parents work it’s not always possible to be at home supervising the children. In such a situation, the support of someone reliable that shares your values and attitudes to education is invaluable.

Tutoring can simply mean extra maths lessons on a Thursday afternoon – but it can also mean your child spending time with someone who invests their time in the child’s personal development, teaching them new skills and good habits, and providing a positive role model as a teacher.

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Local trusted professionals Maths Tutors

Central Tutors is run by Jamie, who has been a private tutor in Chemistry, Maths, and Biology following the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence for several years. Graduating with a Masters’s Degree in Chemistry from The University of Edinburgh, he has quickly gained recognition throughout Central Scotland and beyond as an excellent private tutor. Jamie focuses on ensuring students gain more confidence in their work and supporting them to reach their full potential.

On top of these impressive credentials, Central tutors is also rated 5* on Google with twenty two 5-star reviews.

Very friendly and capable tutor, making chemistry interesting and relevant for my daughter doing higher. Well organised and excellent use of Skype, screen sharing, etc to explain topics during tutoring sessions. I’d have no issue recommending Jamie to others.” – PARENT, Higher Chemistry & Maths, 5/5

Scotland’s best National 5 maths tutor

To sum up, if you are looking for a National 5 Maths tutor in Scotland,  either in Stirling or further afield, then you have come to the right place. Get in touch with us today to get a no-obligation chat. Central Tutors is the perfect place to help struggling students with their maths, or just simply to boost in their learning.



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