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by | Jun 22, 2022

Are you looking for the best Maths Tutor in Edinburgh? Here at Central Tutors, we help students of all age ranges with maths, including National 3, 4 & 5, Higher and Advanced Higher, following the new Scottish Curriculum for Excellence.

As private online maths tutors in Scotland, we are able to provide the highest level of tutoring from the comfort of your own home from qualified and experienced maths tutors. We are here to help provide the highest level of maths tutoring in Scotland – get in touch with us here.

National 5 Maths Tutor Edinburgh

Why is it a good idea to get a tutor for National 5 exams in Scotland? Teachers are constantly faced with the struggle of teaching 30+ students at once, it’s impossible to know how each individual student learns and how best to teach them. COVID-19 has made this even harder with online classes, students often don’t work well if a teacher is talking to a screen of 30 other students.

At Central Tutors we offer Private Maths tuition for students in Scotland. We are able to tailor classes for the individual, focusing on how each student learns and customising each lesson to them. Another advantage to private maths tutoring in Edinburgh is that we can focus on particular areas that a student might be struggling with.

Regular lessons might move on even if a student is struggling, whereas we make sure the student understands each area until they are satisfied with their learning.


Maths Tutor Edinburgh


Does tutoring actually work?

Tutoring has been around for many years but does it actually work? From our experience, yes it definately improves a student’s understanding of a particular subject. But what solid, scientific evidence is there to support this?

A study done in 1990 found that ‘A British tutoring program involving 2,372 elementary and junior high students who were tutored by trained parents and peers for an average of 8.6 weeks improved their reading comprehension 4.4 times the normal rate and word recognition 3.3 times the normal rate. Four months after the end of tutoring, the average tutee was still improving at twice the normal rate in both comprehension and word recognition.’

Although this isn’t exactly related to maths, it shows the power of tutoring. The same study found that the more frequent and longer duration the tutoring, the more effective the child’s learning is – and this can be applied to any subject. You can read the study yourself here.

Top-rated, Qualified Private Tutors based in Scotland

Our tutors are local to the area of Edinburgh so we know the education system well as they have gone through it themselves!

Jamie Harrower is one of our tutors, graduating from The University of Edinburgh with a Masters’s Degree in Chemistry (MChem). He also completed a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Chemical Engineering, covering a wide range of applied Chemistry and Mathematics as well as a Masters (MSc) qualification in Environmental Analytical Chemistry from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

Jamie, who has 6 years of experience in private tutoring students, is also a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (MRSC) and a Registered Scientist (RSci) – so you are learning from the very best in Maths as well as Chemistry!


scotland maths private tutors


Higher Maths Tutor Edinburgh

If you are looking to achieve higher grades in the National 5 exams Central Tutors provides 1-2-1 tuition in maths by an experienced maths tutor. Our approach helps encourage students – giving them confidence, support and a higher understanding of Maths. If you are looking to pursue a STEM subject at University then achieving a high grade in your National 5 exams is very important then we can help you achieve that ‘A’ you are looking for.

Even if you aren’t looking to achieve an ’A’, passing your maths exam with the highest mark possible will open all kinds of doors in the world of work and university, no matter the subject.

About Central Students | Maths Tutor Edinburgh

Central Tutors was started in 2018 by Jamie, who has been a private tutor in chemistry, maths and biology following the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence for several years. Graduating with a Masters’s degree in Chemistry from The University of Edinburgh, he has quickly gained recognition throughout Central Scotland and beyond as an excellent private tutor. Jamie focuses on ensuring students gain more confidence in their work and supporting them to reach their full potential.

We also offer private tutoring in Scotland for Biology and Chemistry, helping with the following areas:

  • SQA Higher Maths Online Tutoring
  • SQA Higher Chemistry Online Tutoring
  • SQA Higher Biology Online Tutoring
  • SQA National 5 Maths Online Tutoring
  • SQA National 5 Chemistry Online Tutoring
  • SQA National 5 Biology Online Tutoring

Some of our excellent 5* reviews for Maths tutoring in Edinburgh

Jamie has taken on tutoring of my son for three topics. My son has found these sessions great at developing his learning of the work covered in school. The sessions are always planned in advance to ensure the sessions and tailored to suit current issues and topics from school.” – PARENT, Higher Biology, Chemistry and Maths, 5/5

“Very friendly and capable tutor, making chemisty interesting and relevant for my daughter doing higher. Well organised and excellent use of skype screen sharing etc to explain topic during tutoring sessions. I’d have no issue recommending Jamie to others.” – PARENT, Higher Chemistry & Maths, 5/5

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