5 Reasons Why you need a Tutor for National 5 Exams in Scotland

by | Jul 30, 2021

Studying for your National 5 exams in Scotland is no easy feat. There are lots of tutors out there to help you pass your National 5 exams, but where can you find the most trustworthy and best tutors? And why would you need one? In this post, we talk about five different reasons why you should have a Tutor for your National 5 exams in Scotland.

First port of call for students studying for the National 5 in Scotland

When it comes to passing your exams, without a doubt having your own tutor is one of the best things you can do. Tuition has long been seen as the most effective way to support a child’s education – providing them with a personal mentor and role model as well as a teacher. Tuition has always been popular throughout time and it’s still highly sought after. It’s estimated that around a quarter of children in the UK receive tuition at some point, the majority of whom receive help in advance of important tests – either entrance exams to secondary schools or public exams, such as National 5’s and A Levels. Tutoring can be a fantastic resource, providing encouragement and reassurance to pupils feeling overwhelmed by their schoolwork, and also boosting the confidence of others that are doubting their own abilities.

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national 5 exams

The national 5 exams are notorious for being tough!

Why should you hire a tutor for national 5 exams?

Making sure you/your child don’t fall behind

It’s impossible for a teacher to give one child their full attention in a classroom. Sometimes a child might need a little extra helping hand when it comes to their education. This isn’t necessarily saying they aren’t as smart as others, but children learn in different ways, and many learn better in smaller groups or one on one. A good tutor will identify a child’s weaknesses and take proactive steps to strengthen them. If you or your child’s grades are falling, or homework is regularly bad or late, then falling behind is a risk. Hiring a tutor like Central Tutors is the best thing you can do to help!

Providing expert advice from seasoned professionals for National 5 exams

Choosing a good tutor means having access to a variety of tricks and tips that can dramatically improve your child’s score, and potentially be the difference between missing out on a place or getting through to an interview.

Tutoring also means having access to more general pedagogical expertise. The most accomplished tutors will have thousands of hours’ experience working with pupils and preparing them for exams. They will have their own special techniques to get the best out of their pupils, can recommend helpful books and resources, and will have a network of other education professionals that parents can turn to for advice. They will also be able to advise the parents on best practices for things like homework and reading. In this regard, tutors can be as much a guide and support to parents as they are to their children.

To make education personal

Tutoring is not simply a teacher sitting at a desk with a pupil and telling them what to put down onto paper. It’s a personal relationship. Why is this important?

Well, it’s important because a top tutor is a highly educated, high-achieving, and often highly talented individual. If they’ve graduated from a top university they know what it means to work hard. They know about discipline, time management, and about having a positive attitude. Introducing your child to such an individual means providing him or her with an excellent role model, and often a friend too. As well as boosting their schoolwork or preparing them for an exam, a tutor might play football with your child, write stories with her, take him to the cinema, introduce her to film and music or teach him a new skill like coding or cooking.

There’s also the fact that in families where both parents work it’s not always possible to be at home supervising the children. In such a situation the support of someone reliable that shares your values and attitudes to education is invaluable.

Tutoring can simply mean extra maths lessons on a Thursday afternoon. But it can also mean your child spending time with someone who invests time in their personal development, teaches them new skills and good habits, and is as much a positive role model as a teacher.

national 5 exams

To make life easier

It’s only natural that children argue with parents so they often don’t make the best tutor for them! There are inevitable tensions when a parent asks their child to sit down and do their homework, and even more so when Mum or Dad floats the idea of doing some extra work in addition to regular homework.

One of the benefits of tutoring is it allows parents to skip out these tensions. Yes, there might well be objections to the tutor coming over, but it’s rare for children to display the same level of opposition to a stranger as they would to a parent. The tutor can be the one to soak up any opposition, leaving the parents to enjoy the time they have with their children rather than being engaged in a shouting match about maths exercises.

To Strengthen you/your child’s education

We’ve already discussed how a tutor can be far more than a tutor. But as a teacher, a tutor can be far more effective than a classroom teacher in that they don’t have to stick to a prescribed curriculum. If your child wants to really explore their subject, a tutor is someone that can help guide them.

While the western education system compartmentalises ideas and concepts into subjects, the reality is that many academic disciplines are interlinked. It is meaningless to learn history without politics, philosophy, and theology, and impossible to dissect biology without chemistry, and chemistry without physics. A tutor can allow lessons to branch away from the curriculum and embrace wider fields of thought. They will allow lessons to follow the imagination and natural curiosity of the pupil – fostering greater understanding and making learning something exciting, inspiring, and fundamentally enjoyable.



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